As IT workers engage with workforces who are geographically distributed and highly mobile, collaboration is increasingly important.  Digital and technology are priorities that must be balanced as the demands of IT evolve from the management of programs and software development to the integration of hybrid technologies, including legacy and cloud, into relevant business services.

Here are four things that chief information officers can do right away to help build digital fluency for now and in the future across the workforce.

Build a digital foundation

The CIO can help lead the journey and set the timeline for building the digital foundation of the enterprise by creating a digital workplace rich with opportunities for self-enablement and automation.

Improve workforce technology quotient

The workforce’s technology quotient — workers’ enthusiasm, expertise and value seen across technologies — is important to digital fluency. CIOs can use data analytics to determine the readiness of the workforce to work alongside technologies and tailor skilling programs accordingly.

Collaborate on the reskilling curriculum

Many organizations have a centralized training or learning organization that can be leveraged to collaborate with IT and CIOs in building a new digital fluency learning curriculum.  Leaders and influencers from all parts of the company should be included in the curriculum development and, more importantly, the deployment and execution of the program.

Shape a culture of digital leadership

CIOs need to help shape the impact of digital transformation on the business. That includes playing a role in helping to build new work structures, role and responsibilities and guiding business leaders in adapting to new remote, hybrid and working models.

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