Published on November 6, 2023, 2:13 pm

YouTube is introducing new generative AI features for its premium subscribers, including a conversational tool that allows users to ask questions about videos and receive recommendations. This tool enhances user experience by providing real-time conversations with AI while watching videos. Another feature is the comments summarizer, which organizes and summarizes discussions in comment sections under videos, helping viewers catch up on popular topics and allowing creators to gauge subscriber engagement. YouTube plans to expand these features over time based on user feedback. These AI enhancements demonstrate YouTube's commitment to improving user experience and revolutionizing content consumption.

YouTube is set to introduce new generative AI features as part of its premium package for paid subscribers. These features aim to enhance user experience and engagement with the platform’s content.

One of the new features is a conversational tool powered by AI, which will allow users to ask questions about YouTube videos and receive relevant recommendations. The tool uses large language models that draw information from YouTube and the web to provide insightful responses. Participants will be able to engage in real-time conversations with the AI while watching videos, without interrupting playback.

To access this feature, users in the U.S. using Android devices can select the “Ask” option on a video’s watch page. Initially available only to YouTube Premium members, it will gradually roll out to a wider audience. This conversational tool has the potential to deepen viewers’ understanding of the content they are consuming and help them explore related videos.

Another exciting addition is the comments summarizer, which leverages generative AI to organize and summarize discussions within large comment sections under videos. This feature allows viewers to catch up on popular topics being discussed without having to read every comment individually. Moreover, creators can easily gauge what their subscribers are talking about and gain inspiration for future video content based on trending comment topics.

The comments summarizer works exclusively with published comments and excludes those awaiting review or from blocked users. While currently available only in English on select videos, YouTube plans to expand this feature over time.

YouTube’s parent company, Google, has been actively experimenting with AI across various platforms and products. These AI-driven initiatives include targeted ads based on cultural moments, creator-focused tools such as music suggestions for videos and automated dubbing, background image generation for YouTube Shorts through “Dream Screen,” AI-generated playlists for YouTube Music, as well as educational video summaries and quizzes using generative AI.

As these features are experimental in nature, YouTube acknowledges that there may be room for improvement based on user feedback. Users will have the opportunity to provide feedback directly through these tools, ensuring continuous refinement and enhancement.

These forward-thinking AI enhancements illustrate YouTube’s commitment to improving user experience, enabling more interactive and personalized content consumption, and providing valuable insights for creators. With generative AI at its core, YouTube is taking a step closer to revolutionizing the way users engage with their platform.


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