Published on November 16, 2023, 10:35 pm

Youtube’S Dream Track: Ai Tool Allows Users To Imitate Pop Stars’ Voices

YouTube Unveils AI Tool Allowing Users to Imitate Pop Stars’ Voices

YouTube has introduced an experimental artificial intelligence tool called Dream Track, enabling users to imitate the voices of popular artists like Demi Lovato and John Legend. This feature allows users to create short songs by describing qualities such as lyrical content and mood. Currently, nine artists, including Charli XCX, Troye Sivan, T-Pain, and Sia, have given their voices to be “cloned” by the software.

The tool is currently limited to about 100 creators in the United States who can use it to soundtrack videos on YouTube Shorts. The company has released two sample videos created with Dream Track that showcase passable imitations of Charlie Puth and T-Pain. These examples highlight the potential of the tool while also indicating areas for improvement, as they still fall short compared to the original artists’ performances.

Dream Track aims to explore how technology can deepen connections between artists, creators, and fans. In a blog post, Lyor Cohen, YouTube’s Head of Music expressed that this experimental phase will help gather feedback and ideas from artists and viewers alike.

The launch of Dream Track coincides with YouTube’s recent announcement that it will alert viewers when they are watching a video made with artificial intelligence. This move demonstrates YouTube’s commitment to transparency in sharing content made through AI technology.

The introduction of AI tools like Dream Track raises broader questions surrounding AI’s role in the creative industries. Some existing AI tools have faced legal challenges due to training on copyrighted material without authorization. However, Dream Track represents a distinct approach by obtaining explicit approval from the involved artists. Lucian Grainge, head of Universal Music Group, supports responsible AI development within the industry.

While replicating famous voices is certainly attention-grabbing, Google has also revealed additional AI music projects. These include a tool that allows artists to hum a melody and have software generate an instrumental based on the tune. It’s worth noting that any AI-generated content produced using these tools will be watermarked for disclosure.

AI technology continues to evolve rapidly, and artists believe it is crucial to be involved in shaping its future. Charli XCX expressed her cautious optimism about AI’s transformative potential, while T-Pain emphasized the importance of artists’ active participation. Demi Lovato echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that artists should contribute to defining what the future of AI looks like.

In summary, YouTube’s Dream Track offers a glimpse into the creative opportunities that AI presents for musicians and fans alike. This experimental tool demonstrates how technology can foster deeper connections between artists, creators, and their audience. As AI technology advances further, it will undoubtedly shape the future of the music industry.


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