Published on December 19, 2023, 7:23 pm

Wizards Of The Coast Prohibits Use Of Ai Generative Tools In Dungeons &Amp; Dragons Creative Process

In response to recent social media criticism, Wizards of the Coast has issued a statement clarifying its stance on the use of generative AI in material for the popular tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons. The company stated that all creative contributors will now be required to abstain from using AI generative tools when creating final D&D products.

This announcement follows an incident in August where an artist admitted to using AI tools to “polish” several illustrations for a new D&D sourcebook. In light of this, Wizards pledged to update its artistic guidelines to explicitly prohibit creators from utilizing generative AI.

The recent statement appears to have been prompted by an online discussion that arose after artwork was posted on the official Dungeons & Dragons X (previously Twitter) account. The artwork teased the upcoming 2024 rules update for D&D, which will feature brand-new editions of the game’s three core rulebooks. While many fans were excited by the teaser, some speculated whether AI tools had been used, pointing out concerns such as the apparent absence of the dwarf warrior’s left arm.

Responding to these concerns, Wizards reassured fans that no generative AI had been employed and took additional steps by implementing a complete prohibition on the use of such tools going forward. They emphasized their commitment to working with talented artists and creatives who they believe are integral to making D&D great.

It is worth noting that this announcement comes shortly after reports surfaced regarding layoffs at parent company Hasbro’s Renton-based subsidiary, impacting several senior employees working on both Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering.

In conclusion, Wizards of the Coast has made it clear that they are firm in their decision to disallow generative AI in their creative process for Dungeons & Dragons. By leveraging human talent and creativity, they aim to continue delivering engaging content appreciated by millions of players worldwide.


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