Published on January 31, 2024, 5:25 am

Washington State Takes Steps To Ensure Responsible Use Of Generative Ai

Governor Jay Inslee of Washington state has signed an executive order aimed at promoting transparency and accountability in the use of generative AI, specifically mentioning technologies like ChatGPT. The order directs the state’s IT agency, WaTech, to develop new guidelines for the responsible use of AI technology.

The primary goal behind this executive order is to ensure that Washingtonians are aware of the risks and benefits associated with AI. Governor Inslee highlighted concerns related to cybersecurity and privacy that arise with the increasing use of AI systems.

Over the next year, WaTech will collaborate with the governor’s cabinet to assess potential challenges and opportunities related to AI. The executive order also calls for an accountability framework overseen by the state office of equity.

Governor Inslee emphasized the importance of adopting AI ethically and transparently. He stated, “It’s our duty to the public to be thorough and thoughtful in how we adopt these powerful new tools.” The executive order outlines a year-long process involving various agencies working together to evaluate the feasibility, benefits, and challenges of integrating AI into their operations and services.

By December 2024, Washington state intends to assess how AI is affecting its workforce. The state plans to develop programs that assist workers in successfully integrating AI into their jobs while mitigating any potential negative impacts.

Furthermore, by January 2025, research opportunities and partnerships will be established to enhance education on generative AI technology. The intention is to expose students and researchers to new possibilities within the field of AI.

Governor Inslee acknowledges that there is still much more to learn about generative AI. He wrote, “Whatever the peril or promise of generative AI, we are just scratching the surface in how we understand this new technology.”

In conclusion, Washington state has taken a proactive approach by signing this executive order on generative AI. By prioritizing transparency, ethics, and accountability in its implementation, it aims to maximize its benefits while minimizing potential risks. This move demonstrates the state’s commitment to utilizing AI responsibly for the betterment of its citizens.


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