Published on January 12, 2024, 4:10 pm

VentureBeat, a leading technology media outlet, has launched a new series of events aimed at enterprise decision-makers who are interested in deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and specifically generative AI. These invite-only events, limited to 75 attendees, are designed to foster meaningful conversations and networking opportunities.

The first event was recently held in San Francisco, and it showcased the potential of generative AI across various industries. As generative AI gains traction in the business world, VentureBeat’s events aim to equip decision-makers with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively implement this transformative technology.

The next event on February 7th will take place in New York City and will focus specifically on the application of generative AI in the healthcare industry. This sector holds immense potential for leveraging AI to improve patient care, optimize operations, and drive medical breakthroughs. Decision-makers attending this event will have the opportunity to learn from experts and engage in discussions about best practices and governance surrounding generative AI in healthcare.

To ensure productive discussions and an intimate setting conducive to networking, these events have a limit on the number of participants. Therefore, interested individuals are encouraged to request an invite promptly to secure their spot.

Generative AI is an emerging field within artificial intelligence that involves machines generating new content by learning from existing data sets. It has shown promise across various industries including art, music composition, advertising copywriting, and more. Its ability to create highly realistic content that mimics human creativity opens up exciting possibilities for innovation and automation.

VentureBeat’s focus on generative AI reflects its commitment to bringing cutting-edge technologies into mainstream awareness while addressing governance challenges associated with their implementation. By facilitating these exclusive events, VentureBeat aims to connect decision-makers with relevant experts and provide them with valuable insights into leveraging generative AI for their organizations’ success.

In conclusion, if you’re an enterprise decision-maker looking to explore the potential of generative AI or seeking to deploy AI within your organization, VentureBeat’s invite-only events are an invaluable opportunity to gain knowledge, network with industry leaders, and discuss the latest trends in generative AI. Be sure to request an invite for the upcoming event in New York City to stay ahead of the curve in the application of generative AI in healthcare.


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