Published on January 7, 2024, 10:31 pm

In the fall of 2023, George Westerman, a senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management, hosted a three-part webinar series titled “Generative AI in Business: Unraveling Myths, Finding Opportunities, and Preparing Your Organization.”

This particular session served as a foundation for understanding Generative AI (GenAI), explaining its definition and dispelling any misconceptions. It also explored how GenAI relates to both current and previous technologies, as well as the factors that contribute to making informed decisions regarding its implementation. Throughout this session, the following topics were covered:

1. Understanding how GenAI operates: This includes an exploration of its capabilities, potential risks, and limitations.

2. Comparing GenAI with other AI/ML methods: Recognizing when GenAI is a preferable or less suitable solution in comparison to alternative approaches.

3. Real-world applications of GenAI in business: Providing examples that showcase when, where, and how GenAI can be effectively utilized within different industries.

The webinar series conducted by George Westerman aimed to equip attendees with vital knowledge about Generative AI and how it can be leveraged to benefit their respective organizations. By clarifying common misconceptions and illustrating practical use cases for GenAI, participants were better prepared to make informed decisions regarding its integration into their business strategies. With the event focusing on unraveling myths and uncovering opportunities within Generative AI, attendees gained valuable insights into this groundbreaking technology’s potential for their organizations’ success.


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