Published on December 1, 2023, 9:12 am

Genpact, a global professional services firm, has recently unveiled an industry-first playbook called FMOps – The Generative AI Imperative for Production. Created in collaboration with nasscom, a leading technology trade organization in India, this playbook offers practical guidelines for establishing strong and efficient foundations for generative AI solutions.

Within the playbook, Genpact explores the concept of Foundation Model Operations (FMOps) and emphasizes their operational advantages within AI systems. These benefits include improved collaboration, faster release cycles, enhanced efficiency, rapid model deployment, seamless scalability, and risk reduction.

In addition to FMOps, the playbook also provides detailed insights into Large Language Model Operations (LLMOps) and Machine Learning Operations (MLOps). It delves into how LLMOps serve as the groundwork for operational capabilities and infrastructure necessary to implement generative AI solutions successfully.

With the increasing impact of generative AI across various industries, Genpact recognizes the need for clear directions in developing ethical and scalable AI solutions. This new playbook aims to bridge that gap by guiding organizations through the transition from pilot projects to full-scale production.

By focusing on FMOps, LLMOps, and MLOps, businesses can establish a solid foundation for their generative AI initiatives. By following this blueprint offered by Genpact’s playbook, companies can navigate the complexities of deploying generative AI solutions effectively.

It is worth mentioning that transforming pilot projects into production-level systems requires careful consideration of ethical implications and adherence to strict guidelines. Genpact’s FMOps playbook addresses these concerns while providing actionable strategies for successful implementation.

As generative AI continues to reshape enterprises across sectors worldwide, organizations need comprehensive guidance on building scalable and ethically sound solutions. The unveiling of this groundbreaking playbook acts as a significant milestone in addressing these critical industry needs.

Overall, by leveraging Genpact’s expertise and collaboration with nasscom, businesses can gain valuable insights and practical guidelines on implementing generative AI solutions successfully. With FMOps, LLMOps, and MLOps as the building blocks, enterprises can pave the way for ethical, efficient, and scalable generative AI systems in today’s digital age.


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