Published on November 17, 2023, 3:34 am

In order to enhance transparency and accessibility, Twitch has recently launched its new Privacy Center. This move comes after extensive research conducted by the company revealed that many users were unaware of how their personal data was being collected and utilized.

The main objective of the Privacy Center is to provide users with clear and actionable information regarding their privacy rights. Mel De Leon, Twitch’s Principal Product Manager of Privacy, stated that the project was developed with meaningful transparency and usability in mind. The company actively sought community feedback during the development process, engaging in conversations with service users to address their concerns and questions. These discussions covered topics such as privacy preferences, the utilization of user data across the platform, and clarifications on what constitutes personal data.

Twitch’s user base primarily consists of younger individuals, with over 70% of viewers falling between the ages of 18 and 34 in 2022. While personal data may not be a major concern for this demographic, Twitch recognizes the importance of informing users about how their personal data is collected and used.

Through surveys and group discussions, Twitch discovered that many creators and viewers recalled making privacy selections but could not remember what they had chosen or how to review their choices. Users also lacked deep understanding regarding the definition of “personal data” both on Twitch and across the internet. Additionally, there was a general lack of awareness about how user data was being utilized on the platform.

To address these issues, Twitch focused on presenting privacy information in an understandable manner. The company aimed to avoid complex legal jargon or corporate language that might make it difficult for users to comprehend important details. Their intention was not to burden the community with more work or provide vague transparency; instead, they made conscious efforts to simplify explanations.

Regulating social media platforms poses various challenges due to differing guidelines set by federal agencies and local laws across different countries and regions. Compliance with regulations like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation requires websites to obtain user consent for collecting and utilizing personal data. However, the explanations accompanying many consent prompts fail to adequately inform users about what they are agreeing to.

Twitch’s Privacy Center includes resources that help users understand how their shared data may be handled. The company differentiates between general definitions applicable to the broader social media landscape and more in-depth information specific to Twitch users. The Privacy Center serves as a hub where users can control their own data collection and use, access copies of their personal data, and find clear explanations for opting out of certain tools. For instance, users can learn that opting out of ad tracking on mobile devices means refusing to allow personal data usage for advertising enhancements on the Twitch platform.

Moreover, the Privacy Center establishes “Privacy Principles” that serve as foundations and guiding principles for Twitch’s ongoing privacy efforts. Transparency, Control, Choice, and designing with privacy in mind are key focuses outlined by the company. This includes minimizing the collection of personal information, ensuring secure storage of user data, and enabling users to delete their existing data.

Twitch emphasizes the importance of building trust within its community by safeguarding personal data, respecting privacy rights, and providing sufficient information for informed decision-making regarding the Twitch experience.

It is important to approach any promises regarding data collection from social platforms with a degree of skepticism. Many platforms have claimed not to collect or use user data while doing so covertly. For example, TikTok denies using biometric data collected from users but includes a vague clause in its privacy policy stating they may collect biometric identifiers as defined by U.S. laws without providing clear clarification on why or how this information is used or shared.

While the launch of Twitch’s Privacy Center does not guarantee absolute safety for users’ personal data, it marks an important step towards educating its younger and potentially less aware audience about their privacy rights. By actively providing accessible information through this comprehensive resource hub, Twitch aims to empower its community with the knowledge needed to protect their privacy. This initiative aligns with the company’s commitment to meeting the needs of its users while navigating the complexities of data privacy in an evolving digital landscape.

In other news, Twitch’s Chief Marketing Officer recently stated that competition from rival platforms is beneficial for creators. Amazon Games has also announced the closure of its Crown channel on Twitch and a reduction of 180 jobs. Furthermore, Twitch has implemented anti-harassment features to prevent banned users from accessing streams.


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