Published on November 16, 2023, 7:40 pm

Welcome to the Cloud Wars Minute – your daily source of cloud news and commentary. In today’s episode, we explore the transformative partnership between Larry Ellison of Oracle and Satya Nadella of Microsoft and its potential implications for other cloud companies as they become more customer-centric.

Larry Ellison and Satya Nadella are two individuals who have been doing an extraordinary job at changing the nature of the business and technology world. Recently, they have taken steps that will further accelerate the generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) revolution.

Four-and-a-half years ago, Ellison and Nadella agreed to a “cloud interconnect,” which was a significant move towards greater collaboration. A few months ago, they announced the Oracle Database at Azure, marking a massive leap forward in their commitment to providing full, true, unconditional multi-cloud support to customers.

This partnership raises an important question for other CEOs in the tech industry: should competitive battles in various areas override the opportunity to do something genuinely beneficial for customers? The stakes are high in terms of cloud infrastructure, applications, databases, analytics, security, and more. However, Ellison and Nadella have found a way to improve the lives of customers while benefitting their companies.

In November 2023, Microsoft announced that it had chosen Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for AI training and inferencing related to conversational search. This decision demonstrates remarkable vision, courage, and a focus on customer-centricity that may be lacking in other organizations. It is likely to have significant ramifications across the tech industry.

Perhaps it’s time for us to let go of competition taboos and embrace entirely new ways of working together. These are fascinating times filled with exciting developments that offer great optimism for the future.

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