Published on February 13, 2024, 2:29 pm

Transforming Manufacturing With Ai: Siemens Digital Industries Software’S Innovations

In manufacturing facilities, a significant number of issues on the factory floor go unreported, with about 70% of them being overlooked. The lack of a streamlined method for line workers to document and capture these problems promptly is the primary cause of this issue. To address this challenge, Siemens Digital Industries Software (DISW) has partnered with Microsoft and turned to AI to create a more efficient process.

Siemens DISW has integrated Microsoft Teams with its cloud-based product lifecycle management software called Teamcenter X. This integration enables line workers to input information about malfunctions or issues they encounter using their smart devices. Through the power of AI, this data is transformed into structured problem reports that provide engineers with enough information to take effective action against specific issues.

The use of generative AI in this solution has been particularly beneficial. When an issue is identified, instead of engineers manually writing code to resolve it, generative AI is employed to rewrite the necessary codes automatically. This approach not only saves time but also improves the quality of the code produced.

Siemens DISW has also leveraged generative AI for language translation and knowledge document creation. The company can now translate support documentation into any language using AI without requiring human validation. Additionally, domain experts traditionally crafted knowledge documents detailing specific processes or tasks, but now AI can autonomously generate these documents based on captured interactions between customers and support engineers.

Expanding their partnerships beyond Microsoft, Siemens DISW has also collaborated with AWS to benefit from advancements in generative AI and is making significant progress in edge AI as well. They believe running AI models on edge devices rather than solely relying on cloud computing makes more sense for clients.

Interestingly, Siemens DISW is not solely focusing on AI; they are also placing significant emphasis on the industrial metaverse. Through a groundbreaking solution developed in collaboration with Sony Corporation, designers and engineers can generate and explore design concepts within an immersive workspace equipped with high-quality XR head-mounted displays and controllers.

Siemens DISW has already witnessed high demand for its solutions. With clients in Japan, the US, and various other countries, they are a trusted technology provider to leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers as well as traditional automotive companies. The ongoing transition from combustion engines to EVs presents significant growth opportunities for Siemens DISW in the automotive industry.

India, with its strong emphasis on manufacturing and projected economic growth, holds great importance for Siemens DISW. The company has established itself as a preferred solutions provider to prominent Indian automotive OEMs and is also partnering with emerging EV startups. They view India as being ahead of the curve in terms of digitalization and believe that the country’s young population and commitment to education will continue to drive progress.

Siemens DISW remains dedicated to investing in India’s market due to its potential and the increasing pace of digital transformation taking place there. With cloud adoption gaining momentum and the demand for hyperscale cloud services skyrocketing, Siemens continues to position itself as a leading player in supporting India’s technological advancement.

In conclusion, Siemens Digital Industries Software is at the forefront of leveraging AI technologies such as generative AI and edge AI to address manufacturing challenges effectively. Through partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, Sony Corporation, and others, Siemens DISW is making significant contributions to areas like product lifecycle management, language translation, knowledge document creation, and the industrial metaverse. By embracing these transformative technologies, Siemens DISW is driving innovation and delivering value to global manufacturers across industries.


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