Published on November 16, 2023, 7:53 pm

foodpanda, in collaboration with PLDT Enterprise, is set to revolutionize its business landscape by leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. With the help of IoT SIMs provided by PLDT Enterprise, foodpanda can optimize its operations and gather real-time data, resulting in enhanced efficiency and customer experience.

The IoT solutions offered by PLDT Enterprise provide connectivity security and flexibility to devices, allowing foodpanda to transmit data and communicate with other devices effectively. This partnership also aligns with foodpanda’s commitment towards sustainability in the food delivery industry. By utilizing PLDT Enterprise’s IoT solutions, foodpanda can have full visibility and control over its assets, monitor consumption, and implement rules and notifications for IoT devices.

Albert Villa-Real, President and CEO of PLDT Global and PLDT Enterprise Revenue group head, expressed his pride in being foodpanda’s chosen partner on their digital transformation journey. He reiterated that at PLDT Enterprise, their mission revolves around putting customers first and bringing their business visions to life.

Luis Antonio Yanga, Commercial Director at foodpanda Philippines, highlighted the significance of this collaboration with PLDT Enterprise. Through the adoption of IoT solutions, foodpanda aims to be at the forefront of innovation while providing optimized business operations for its restaurant and merchant partners. This seamless experience will translate into a better customer experience for foodpanda’s users.

In conclusion, the alliance between foodpanda and PLDT Enterprise marks a significant milestone in delivering top-notch services and tailored solutions for partner vendors. Leveraging the power of IoT technology allows foodpanda to optimize its business processes while simultaneously enhancing customer satisfaction. With this partnership in place, both companies are well-positioned to drive innovation within the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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