Published on April 20, 2024, 4:21 am

Title: Wipro’S Confidence In Generative Ai Shines Through Strategic Initiatives

Wipro, an Indian IT company, is demonstrating strong confidence in its generative AI solutions. The company’s Chief, Srinivas Pallia, highlighted the imminent technological shift during the Q4 2024 earnings call. Pallia emphasized the eagerness of clients from various industries to harness AI for shaping their business futures.

In a significant move, Wipro launched the Wipro Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Ready platform in collaboration with IBM in the latest quarter. This platform signifies a substantial investment in AI and aims to empower clients to establish a fully integrated and customized AI environment at an enterprise level.

One of Wipro’s achievements includes being selected by a global apparel brand as its strategic partner for implementing Gen AI solutions to drive digital transformation initiatives. By deploying large language models to enhance search recommendation engines and enable hyper-personalization at scale responsibly, Wipro is making notable strides in this partnership.

Furthermore, Wipro has dedicated efforts to train over 225,000 employees in AI basics. Saurabh Govil, Wipro’s CHRO, stressed the importance of preparing employees with advanced courses tailored to different domain areas according to ongoing Proof of Concepts (PoCs) and projects.

Moreover, Wipro is actively investing in enhancing its organizational capabilities and pursuing strategic mergers and acquisitions such as Capco and Rizing. These moves have not only strengthened consulting capabilities but also streamlined the company’s operating model significantly.

Pallia reiterated that focusing on industry-specific offerings and business solutions driven by consulting enriched with AI remains a key priority for Wipro. The emphasis lies on nurturing AI talent equipped to deliver industry-specific business solutions effectively.

In line with industry trends, Infosys also reported significant traction with clients for generative AI work during their recent quarterly reports. Meanwhile, TCS unveiled an impressive $900 million worth pipeline dedicated to AI and generative AI during their earnings call by CEO K Krithivasan.

Last year, Wipro pledged a $1 billion investment over three years into bolstering its AI initiatives. Collaborating with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, Wipro established a Center of Excellence focused on Generative AI research. The objective is to support foundational and applied research while exploring commercial opportunities in generative AI technologies.

Wipro’s commitment extends towards integrating AI across all tools and solutions offered by the company. This initiative aims at creating a comprehensive AI-first innovation ecosystem known as Wipro ai360.


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