Published on April 1, 2024, 11:24 am

Unveiling The Importance Of Trustworthy Ai In Marketing At Ibm’S Las Vegas Sphere Event

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Recently, IBM transformed the Las Vegas Sphere into a captivating display to showcase the capabilities of its Watsonx AI platform combined with Adobe’s cloud solutions. The tech giant aims to educate brand managers and CMOs about the risks associated with unmanaged generative AI as this technology becomes more prevalent in the advertising industry.

IBM’s campaign “Trust What You Create” emphasizes the importance of trustworthy and reliable AI tools like IBM Watsonx and Adobe Firefly. Through creative visuals produced with Adobe Firefly, the campaign highlights potential AI errors such as bias, noncompliance, siloed data, and more using surreal goldfish with unique shapes and digital anomalies.

Denise Zurilgen, a global executive creative director for IBM, stressed the significance of being able to trust AI technologies. The playful yet educational campaign at Las Vegas Sphere aimed to raise awareness about the implications of incorrect AI usage without being intimidating.

With the increasing prominence of generative AI, marketing organizations are facing challenges such as job instability and adapting to new martech tools. However, there is optimism about the technology’s ability to enhance creativity in marketing practices.

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