Published on May 23, 2024, 7:21 am

The complexity of estimating or demonstrating the value of AI technologies for business has emerged as a significant barrier to implementation, as revealed by a recent Gartner survey of over 700 IT leaders from organizations either currently using AI or planning to do so. Nearly half of the respondents acknowledged facing challenges in this regard. Among other top concerns are the lack of talent and skills among employees and a general mistrust in AI technologies.

Despite these doubts, the adoption of AI is widespread, with over 95% of IT decision-makers stating that AI has been integrated into at least one business process. More than a quarter of respondents have implemented AI across multiple business processes in various units.

Ryan Kane, the owner of the managed IT services provider Soaring Towers, understands the lingering concerns about the value of generative AI. While he demonstrates to clients how tools like Microsoft Copilot can save time and money, many small to medium-sized enterprise customers fail to see the potential value when it comes to tasks like drafting newsletters if the AI lacks access to their internal data.

Kane emphasizes the need for proper education on effectively utilizing such tools for maximum efficiency. He compares it to a chisel – in skilled hands, it can create wonders; however, in inexperienced hands, it may lead to missed opportunities.

The ongoing development in the AI market has seen some businesses adopting technology without a specific use case in mind. Stuart King echoes these sentiments noting how many IT leaders are embracing technology without a clear plan on how to leverage it effectively. Finding real problems that can be solved with AI should precede its implementation according to King.

Generative AI emerges as one of the most adopted technologies within the realm of Artificial Intelligence according to Gartner’s survey results. This is followed closely by machine learning and natural language processing technologies. Leinar Ramos from Gartner anticipates these concerns about value as they were also significant barriers reported in a similar survey conducted last year.

Gartner advises CIOs contemplating deploying AI technologies first identify potential use cases, establish metrics for measuring value, conduct pilot programs before scaling up projects significantly. The second major hurdle specifically for adopting generative AI turns out to be ongoing costs due to unexpected increases as more users engage with such systems.

With CEOs escalating research and implementation efforts around Artificial Intelligence ranking it high on CIO priority lists globally, there is added pressure on IT leaders to make judicious decisions regarding AI implementation.

CNH Industrial, a manufacturer of agricultural and construction machinery, stands out as an example of a company purposefully embracing IA technology within its operations. They utilize AI for equipment monitoring systems allowing owners to receive maintenance alerts promptly while offering support for code development and building autonomous driving systems.

Some CNH employees apply Microsoft Copilot for recording and summarizing meetings while leveraging an IA-powered chatbot providing instant access to equipment manuals and repair information for service technicians amplifying operational efficiency.

However, despite these advancements in integrating AI into their workflow seamlessly provided insights are scarce when assessing ROI effectively within their organization limiting its full potential realization thus far. To address this gap, CNH defines goals such as saving 10,000 hours using GitHub Copilot but acknowledges manual tracking challenges hindering accurate assessment regarding time saved — underlining the importance of adequately measuring outcomes achieved through IA implementations extensively echoed by industry experts.

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