Published on May 28, 2024, 9:27 am

The data speaks volumes about the state of digital transformation in organizations today. Approximately 90% of companies are ramping up their efforts to stay ahead in a competitive landscape. Surprisingly, nearly 70% of these initiatives fall short of expectations, as revealed by McKinsey. The stumbling block is not technological; it’s the human factor, as highlighted by researchers from the Boston Consulting Group.

According to BCG, while technology holds significance, success lies in the human element. Often, companies lack the necessary skill mix and underestimate the expertise needed for a successful digital transformation. Instead of letting go of skilled employees whose competencies don’t align with future needs, relocating them within the organization can lead to a faster and more effective transformation while boosting morale.

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) play a pivotal role in bridging talent with the required technological advancements. Opting for strategic workforce planning over a ‘out with the old, in with the new’ approach has its advantages. Leading change necessitates supporting employees through transitions and fostering continuous learning to build loyalty and decrease turnover during crucial phases.

One common worry surrounding redeployment is the time needed to prepare individuals for new roles. However, when considering the costs associated with hiring and training new staff or letting go of existing ones, reskilling current employees emerges as a cost-efficient alternative.

An innovative method involves contracting contingent labor temporarily while retraining existing staff to address short-term skills gaps effectively. Emphasizing skill development among current employees and promoting internal mobility enhances the likelihood of filling emerging critical skills gaps.

It is evident that digital transformations pose challenges. While recruiting new talent may seem like a quick fix to upgrade digital capabilities within an organization, looking inward can yield surprising outcomes that offer agility and sustainability.

Organizations can seek assistance from Randstad RiseSmart, experts in redeployment and talent transition solutions at every stage of their digital transformation journey.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital sphere, success hinges on leveraging your workforce effectively — prioritizing internal mobility and redeployment enables CIOs to foster innovation, uphold cultural continuity, and establish a resilient workforce prepared for future demands.


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