Published on June 18, 2024, 7:03 am

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) stands at the threshold of a significant transformation through the integration of generative AI, a combination that experts believe has the potential to enhance profitability for enterprises that leverage them together.

The utilization of gen AI alongside ERP systems is still in its early stages but promises various advantages. For instance, it enables employees to develop specialized ERP features independently using code wizards, as highlighted by Liz Herbert, a Forrester analyst and lead author of the report “How Generative AI Will Transform ERP.”

While traditional AI has been used in conjunction with ERP systems for tasks like market trend forecasting and supply chain optimization, the newer capabilities of generative AI aim to relieve employees from mundane activities within core business operations. By automating tasks such as narrative reporting and customer email collections, employees can focus on more strategic responsibilities, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Moreover, the incorporation of gen AI is anticipated to expedite bill collections, ultimately leading to increased profits for organizations. Despite being in its nascent stage, IT leaders are actively exploring gen AI’s potential in ERP systems and experimenting with various implementation approaches.

Omar Kouhlani, CEO of Runmic, attests to the benefits of integrating AI into daily workflows. By using AI for generating reports, drafting emails, and aiding in code development and testing processes, Runmic has witnessed significant time savings for employees. This newfound efficiency allows staff to concentrate on critical tasks while ensuring accurate insights from AI-generated content.

Additionally, NILG.AI and VAI executives observe a growing demand for merging AI with ERP systems among businesses. Companies are increasingly leveraging AI technologies to optimize CRM systems and improve operational efficiencies within their ERP frameworks.

While embracing gen AI presents promising opportunities for businesses across various sectors including e-commerce and strategic planning procedures; companies should approach its integration with caution. Starting small by assigning low-risk tasks to gen AI within ERP systems can help monitor output effectively and gradually expand its role based on successful outcomes.

Looking ahead, there is exciting potential for autonomous ERP systems driven by AI that can dynamically adjust to changing business dynamics in real-time. As organizations navigate this new era of combining gen AI with ERP solutions, careful consideration and strategic implementation will be key to unlocking their full transformative power in enhancing operational efficiencies and driving business growth in the digital age.


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