Published on May 30, 2024, 9:00 pm

Generative AI, also known as GenAI, is rapidly becoming a game-changer across various industries. The demand for IT professionals equipped with advanced skills in generative AI is skyrocketing as companies aim to leverage this cutting-edge technology for their digital and operational endeavors.

The State of Generative AI in the Enterprise report by Deloitte reveals that 75% of organizations anticipate generative AI technology to influence talent strategies within the next two years. Interestingly, 32% of organizations boasting “very high” levels of generative AI expertise are already making significant strides towards implementing these changes.

Given the high stakes involved, there’s a noticeable surge in the value placed on AI skills overall, with generative AI being no exception. If you’re keen on delving deeper into generative AI skills and tools while showcasing your competence to potential employers, here are ten certifications and certificate programs to kickstart your journey:

1. **Certified Generative AI Specialist (CGAI) certification** from the Chartered Institute of Professional Certifications – $490
2. **Certified Generative AI Expert certification** by Blockchain Council – $249
3. **Certified Prompt Engineer certification** offered by Blockchain Council – $249
4. **Generative AI Fundamentals certificate program** from Databricks – $200
5. **Generative AI Foundation Certification** from Global Skills Development Council (GSDC) – $400
6. **NVIDIA Generative AI LLMs certification** – $135
7. **IBM’s Generative AI Fundamentals Specialization program** via Coursera – Free
8. **Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals: Generative AI training** – Free
9. **Applied Generative AI for Digital Transformation course** by MIT Professional Education – $3,125
10. **Applied Generative AI Specialization program** in collaboration with Microsoft Azure by Purdue University – $4,000

Each of these programs offers a unique opportunity to enhance your understanding and proficiency in generative AI, catering to different levels of expertise and interests within the field.

With generative AI poised to transform business landscapes significantly, acquiring relevant certifications can not only boost your skill set but also open doors to exciting career opportunities in this rapidly evolving domain.


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