Published on June 28, 2024, 6:11 pm

On June 28, 2024, Hawaii Governor Josh Green appointed Christine Sakuda as the new chief information officer of the state. Sakuda, formerly the executive director of Transform Hawaii Government, a nonprofit advocating for technological advancements in Hawaii’s state agencies, replaces Doug Murdock.

Sakuda aims to address the technological constraints highlighted in her past work. She emphasized the outdated systems prevalent in Hawaii’s government, stressing the inefficiency caused by relying on archaic technologies such as a 50-year-old financial management system. Her advocacy for modernization is evident through her efforts to transition away from paper-based processes.

Additionally, Sakuda’s background includes serving in various tech-related roles and leadership positions within nonprofit organizations. Her appointment comes at a time when Hawaii legislators are considering altering the reporting structure of the CIO role to have it report to the state comptroller instead of directly to the governor.

This proposed change has sparked debates, with Murdock expressing concerns about potential limitations on the CIO’s autonomy and authority under this new arrangement. The legislation also includes provisions for establishing a fund geared towards enhancing shared technology services across Hawaii’s governmental departments.

As Hawaii continues its journey towards technological advancement, Sakuda’s appointment signifies a strategic move towards improving the state’s digital infrastructure and operational efficiency.


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