Published on May 9, 2024, 8:18 pm

In November 2005, following the success of COMPUTERWORLD in Spain since 1981, the Foundry group (formerly known as IDG Communications) launched the digital publication CIO in this country. CIO is aimed at top executives responsible for IT leadership and strategy in organizations, known as Chief Information Officers (CIOs). The pivotal role of these leaders was already evident almost two decades ago, showing its essential nature for the operation and growth of any organization.

For nearly 20 years, CIO ESPAÑA has provided valuable, verified, and high-quality information concerning corporate IT strategy, innovation, and leadership. This content is of great interest and usefulness to our readers – the IT leaders of large organizations, both companies and public administrations not only in Spain but also in many other countries united by a common language bond. As change is constant, it’s time to transform this platform amid a digitization that goes beyond its original multimedia context.

The new CIO represents more than just a redesign or enhanced user experience; it signifies a reimagined relationship with readers where real people are at the core of everything done on a global scale. Today’s CIOs go beyond just reading about IT trends and strategies; they actively engage in events, research, and communities to stay updated with industry changes, learn from peers, and share experiences. They form a global community of IT leaders who enjoy connecting with colleagues worldwide. Our new image reflects this by offering increased interaction opportunities with content while engaging in discussions around current IT leadership issues.

In addition to this revamp, CIO ESPAÑA has changed its domain to to fully integrate into the global network of CIO editions worldwide. By aligning with editions from countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, among others – we aim to enhance the global perspective of the brand to better serve our community of IT leaders facing similar technological challenges globally.

While enhancing audience experience and fostering a sense of community among IT executives are goals for our new website design – delivering accurate, verified quality content remains paramount. The revamped CIO ESPAÑA website will feature interviews with prominent IT leaders across various industries alongside insights from other CIOs and market experts on emerging technologies or guidance on leading IT initiatives and advancing professional careers.

As always stressed by Bennett – our target readers remain central to our coverage as sources for articles we write. They are winners of awards we organize, speakers at our events, participants in our research – essentially forming the core of our coverage and community which is reflected in this new design.

An exciting new chapter unfolds for CIO ESPAÑA as we appreciate your journey alongside us – welcome aboard!


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