Published on February 20, 2024, 1:33 pm

Governments and public service agencies are recognizing the immense capabilities of generative AI. A recent study conducted by McGuire Research Services for Avanade revealed that 82% of government employees utilize AI on a daily or weekly basis, and an impressive 84% of organizations intend to boost their IT investments by up to 24% to leverage AI’s benefits. This technology is viewed as a catalyst for a sector that historically trailed in adopting technological advancements; now, there exists an opportunity for it to assume a leading role.

One significant advancement in this field is Microsoft Copilot, which seamlessly integrates the power of large language models (LLMs) into existing agency applications. This integration allows for enhanced productivity tools to be accessed through simple commands—bringing together data from various sources like Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, emails, chats, and more to generate new content swiftly.

The impact of Copilot is particularly pronounced in sectors where substantial time is spent on repetitive tasks. By automating mundane responsibilities such as populating digital forms with data and summarizing meetings, Copilot significantly boosts efficiency. Avanade’s research shows that 44% of respondents prioritize improving efficiency as the primary goal for AI implementation in government settings; potentially freeing workers up to 20 hours per week for more critical tasks.

Moreover, Copilot’s ability to synthesize content presents numerous advantages, especially in aiding case workers facing data overload. By summarizing complex information and aligning it with policies and guidelines, Copilot equips employees with crucial insights efficiently.

Beyond task automation, Copilot empowers teams towards a data-driven decision-making approach by extracting valuable insights from complex datasets. The tool facilitates supervisors in pinpointing resource allocation needs or assists project managers in anticipating budget impacts due to external factors like climate events.

Utilizing Generative AI like Copilot can revolutionize how governments engage with citizens by personalizing communications at scale. Tailoring services according to individual needs becomes more accessible—bridging language barriers and streamlining processes across different departments.

Although navigating Generative AI requires dedication and foresight, Avanade emerges as a valuable partner due to its expertise in Microsoft technologies. The company offers support tailored towards understanding potential use cases and implementing workflows effectively—a strategic approach that promises substantial savings in both time and cost while driving remarkable improvements within agencies and organizations.


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