Published on May 24, 2024, 6:26 am

The role of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in the realm of private equity (PE) is becoming increasingly crucial as investors recognize the pivotal contribution of IT in driving new revenue streams and optimizing cost efficiencies. In recent times, there has been a noticeable trend towards elevating the position of CIOs within PE environments, both from the investor perspective and in the companies they support.

John Buccola, the Chief Technology Officer at E78 Partners, notes that empowering CIOs at portfolio companies can lead to enhanced returns for PE investors. The traditional practice of relegating IT discussions to the end of board meetings is evolving, with board members now seeking more engagement with IT leadership in PE-backed enterprises.

The significance of the CIO role became more pronounced during the remote work phase brought about by COVID-19 and has accelerated post-pandemic. Questions surrounding AI utilization and digital transformation have propelled CIOs into a central position in addressing critical investor concerns and maximizing opportunities for leveraging technology effectively.

Cache Merrill, the founder and CTO of Zibtek software development firm, emphasizes that digital transformation and AI adoption are instrumental in gaining a competitive edge. In today’s landscape, where value creation over the long term is prioritized, CIOs play a vital role in not just generating revenue and reducing costs but also facilitating market expansion for PE-funded enterprises.

Private equity investors have shifted their focus towards recognizing IT as a key driver of value creation. This shift marks a departure from past notions that attributed value solely to CEO or CFO changes. The emphasis is now on having robust IT leadership with a forward-thinking strategy to unlock significant value within organizations.

Furthermore, Michael Corrigan, CIO at World Insurance, supports this narrative by highlighting that every aspect of a business relies on technology for operational efficiency. As businesses increasingly hinge on technology-driven solutions for cost optimization and strategic decision-making based on data insights, the role of CIOs becomes even more indispensable.

It’s evident that modern-day CIOs are evolving from being mere technologists to strategic partners capable of steering businesses towards growth and innovation. As PE investors acknowledge the pivotal role technology plays in fostering market distinction and operational excellence, the significance and scope of the CIO’s responsibilities are expected to expand further in shaping successful investment endeavors.

As we witness this paradigm shift towards recognizing IT leadership as integral to value creation within private equity landscapes, it underscores the imperative for investors to incorporate robust IT strategies into their investment plans right from due diligence stages for ensuring sustainable growth and profitability in their portfolios.


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