Published on June 1, 2024, 5:05 am

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to make significant strides in the entertainment industry, with major players like Sony Pictures, Alphabet, Meta, and OpenAI looking to leverage Generative AI technology for film and TV production.

Sony Pictures CEO Tony Vinciquerra expressed a strong commitment to utilizing AI to enhance efficiency in creating movies and shows. The company aims to integrate generative AI into its filmmaking process to streamline production workflows and reduce expenses significantly.

In the competitive landscape of Hollywood, tech giants such as Alphabet, Meta, and OpenAI are actively engaging with studios to promote their AI video generation capabilities. Reports suggest that Alphabet and Meta have made substantial financial offers to partner with Hollywood studios in developing AI-generated content.

While studios are eager to capitalize on the cost-saving potential of generative AI, they remain cautious about retaining creative control over their content, crucial for training AI models effectively. Warner Bros. Discovery has agreed to license select content for AI model training but within defined parameters, demonstrating the industry’s strategic approach.

Disney and Netflix have chosen not to license their content for AI purposes but remain open to alternative collaboration opportunities. OpenAI is also forging partnerships within the entertainment sector, showcasing its Sora AI technology capable of producing one-minute videos scheduled for launch later this year.

The influence of AI in the film industry recently caught the attention of actor-director Tyler Perry, prompting him to halt a substantial studio expansion upon witnessing OpenAI’s Sora AI capabilities. Concerns about the potential impact on traditional job roles within moviemaking led Perry to advocate for regulations safeguarding employment stability amidst advancing technological disruptions.


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