Published on April 16, 2024, 1:24 am

The digital transformation is a journey with several steps, where advancing to level two for many Italian CIOs means systematizing projects with a focus on becoming a data-driven company while placing sustainability at the core. The continuous redefinition of the Chief Information Officer’s role is accompanied by the emergence of ESG (Environment, Sustainability, Governance) objectives as an essential part of their tasks.

According to Stefano Epifani, the President of Fondazione per la Sostenibilità Digitale, digital and sustainability are intertwined concepts that guide technological development towards more sustainable practices. This integration is exemplified by organizations such as Agenzia del Demanio and Generalfinance, which combine innovation with sustainability to drive business growth.

For example, Agenzia del Demanio embarked on its digital transformation journey by implementing a Strategic Industrial Plan focusing on sustainability, digitalization of core processes, and establishing a Programme Management Office. Similarly, Generalfinance adopted a strategic approach toward digital and sustainable transformation to become data-driven companies over time.

Incorporating data is crucial for every business practice, including sustainability initiatives. Agenzia del Demanio leveraged smart building systems and management technologies in its digital transformation journey. Building on this foundation is the integrated platform developed for managing real estate assets efficiently.

Furthermore, driving towards environmental sustainability has become an imperative in various sectors. Organizations like ICS Maugeri SpA have emphasized using IT to support digital innovation across different levels within the healthcare industry.

As the European Union introduces regulatory frameworks regarding sustainability reporting (CSRD), companies must now navigate the shift towards corporate sustainability as part of their business models. This paradigm shift necessitates that CIOs integrate sustainability into their roles effectively to foster organizational growth in alignment with ESG principles.

The evolving landscape requires CIOs to deploy technology strategically for broader benefits encompassing environmental, economic, and social spheres. By embracing digital sustainability through conscious design and implementation strategies that balance impact across all business facets leads toward achieving comprehensive organizational goals effectively.

In conclusion, CIOs play significant roles in driving sustainability efforts within organizations by utilizing IT as a catalyst for operational efficiency and fostering innovation. Embracing this new era entails leveraging key performance indicators (KPIs) tying technological implementations with broad-spectrum environmental and social sustainability principles systematically.

Navigating through this second phase of digital transformation poses complex challenges but presents exciting opportunities for CIOs to demonstrate flexibility while leading stakeholders towards continuous transformative processes crucial for maintaining competitiveness in today’s dynamic business environment.


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