Published on March 18, 2024, 3:17 pm

The Growing Demand For Generative Ai Skills In The Tech Industry: Insights And Trends

Stay up to date with the latest insights straight to your inbox with CIO Dive’s complimentary newsletter. Recently, an upsurge in articles containing keywords related to generative AI has been observed since January 2023, as per the company’s analysis. Implementing enterprise-grade generative AI necessitates skilled professionals. Unlike a simple plug-and-play tool, achieving successful outcomes relies heavily on having the right expertise within the team.

The job market is mirroring this demand for generative AI skills. A study by Indeed revealed that job seekers with proficiency in generative AI could potentially earn a salary that is nearly 50% higher than those without such skills, averaging around $174,727 annually. The rapid evolution of this relatively new branch of AI presents a challenge for companies looking to adopt it. According to an Infosys report, almost three-quarters of executives expressed concerns that the swift pace of technological advancements, like generative AI, is outpacing their organization’s ability to integrate them effectively.

Companies in the tech industry are increasingly emphasizing AI-related skills in their workforce strategy. This shift signifies a growing preference for candidates with expertise in artificial intelligence for various tech roles. With over 436,000 open positions in technology posted in February alone, according to CompTIA’s analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data, approximately one in ten roles pertain to AI or require related competencies.

ProsperOps conducted an analysis on $1.5 billion worth of AWS compute expenditure and discovered that many organizations are not leveraging available discounts effectively. By streamlining product development processes and fostering innovation-friendly environments, tech leaders have enabled engineers to progress further within their roles.

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