Published on June 4, 2024, 6:07 pm

The Ethical Dilemma Of Generative Ai In Film Production

The debate surrounding the use of generative AI, a technology that combines information from various sources globally to create content like text, videos, and images, is currently a hot topic. The question remains – should production companies leverage this technology to streamline processes, even though the resulting product may be of lower quality? Why are CEOs so determined to incorporate it despite these concerns?

Recently, producer Chris Miller weighed in on this matter. He made it clear that the upcoming project “Beyond the Spider-Verse” will steer clear of generative AI. This decision comes following Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Tony Vinciquerra’s hint at utilizing AI for more efficient filmmaking methods.

While the idea of using generative AI for efficiency might sound appealing, especially for projects with intricate visuals like the Spider-Verse series, Miller emphasized the importance of maintaining creativity and originality. He stated that their goal is to pioneer new visual styles rather than rely on a generic blend of others’ work.

It’s interesting to note that although AI technologies have been employed in Spider-Verse movies, they have not utilized generative AI. Instead, they integrated machine learning ethically to streamline tasks and aid artists in adhering to 3D geometry standards effectively.

According to effects supervisor Pav Grochola, their approach was aimed at enhancing artists’ productivity by utilizing machine learning to provide initial predictions for creating ink lines on characters efficiently.

The ongoing debate over AI in film and television persists. While machine learning can undoubtedly facilitate faster results for artists when used judiciously as a tool, generative AI raises ethical concerns due to its potential infringement on human creative endeavors and originality.

As technology continues to evolve, it’s crucial for industry professionals to strike a balance between leveraging AI for productivity gains while safeguarding artistic integrity and creativity within the filmmaking process.


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