Published on May 31, 2024, 7:09 am

Telefónica’s digital business division, Telefónica Tech, continues to enhance its capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI) to assist organizations in making data-driven decisions. With specialized AI teams across ten global centers, the aim is to enable businesses to become more efficient and resilient. Presently, with over 400 professionals dedicated to researching, developing, and applying AI use cases across various sectors for both public and private clients, Telefónica Tech aims to solidify its position as a leading technological partner in digital transformation.

The tech unit of the telecom giant has been strengthening itself continually through strategic acquisitions to complement its existing AI capabilities. With over 150 certifications and a robust network of partners, Telefónica Tech’s AI experts offer numerous technological solutions that optimize organizational processes by leveraging the potential of AI combined with technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and cybersecurity.

Elena Gil Lizasoain, director of the Artificial Intelligence and Data business unit at Telefónica Tech, emphasizes their focus on utilizing AI ethically and transparently. By incorporating ethical principles defined by Telefónica into their technology practices, they prioritize fairness, transparency, accountability while ensuring privacy and security throughout.

Telefónica Tech tailors its AI products and services to cater to specific industry needs such as public administration, healthcare, industry, and sports. Noteworthy projects include collaborating with labor ministries to enhance workforce operations using competence-based models predicting future demands. In healthcare settings, they work on optimizing emergency services predictively anticipating patient influxes for better resource allocation. Additionally, in industries like manufacturing they utilize AI for demand planning maintenance forecastings.

Another realm where Telefónica excels is sports technology integration; partnering with IoT devices aids coaches in athlete training optimization. For instance Real Federación Española de Atletismo benefits from improved insights using inertial measurements alongside AI algorithms enhancing athletes’ performance strategies efficiently.

By embracing GenAI advancements strategically in diverse sectors like health care, industry implementations or sporting domains telecommunication giants like Telefónica are paving the way for a more innovative future industrial landscape empowered by artificial intelligence technologies integrated seamlessly into daily operations enhancing efficiency and performance standards along the way.


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