Published on June 21, 2024, 10:06 am

Subscribe to CIO Dive’s free newsletter to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in technology. Target has unveiled its new tool, Store Companion, a chatbot designed to address operational queries and support store functions. Developed by Target’s internal tech team over six months, this innovative tool uses Gen AI to streamline operations.

Target’s CIO Brett Craig highlighted the crucial role of technology in shaping the future of retail, emphasizing the company’s commitment to enhancing employee efficiency and customer satisfaction through innovative solutions like Store Companion. Following Walmart’s footsteps, Target is leveraging generative AI to empower frontline workers and improve customer interactions.

With Store Companion, Target aims to simplify tasks for associates, boost productivity, and enhance customer engagement. This aligns with Walmart’s success in utilizing generative AI to personalize customer experiences and optimize operations. The positive reception from pilot stores underscores the effectiveness of such tools in elevating overall service quality.

Generative AI is reshaping the retail landscape by enabling personalized offerings for customers. Recent collaborations have shown significant improvements in conversion rates and sales uplifts, reinforcing the value of tailored promotions in driving business growth. As technology continues to evolve rapidly, businesses face the challenge of crafting robust AI strategies for sustainable success.

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