Published on May 30, 2024, 5:13 am

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is gaining recognition as a crucial tool for enhancing government services, as indicated by recent survey findings. A survey conducted by accounting firm KPMG revealed that slightly over half of respondents believe that leveraging Generative AI is essential in boosting the quality of services offered by government agencies, including areas like healthcare benefits and motor vehicle services.

The study, involving 1,100 adults residing in the United States, also highlighted concerns regarding the current utilization of technology by government entities. Only 30% of participants felt that government agencies were effectively leveraging technology to enhance public services. Particularly in major cities like Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area, even fewer individuals expressed confidence in their local governments’ technological capabilities.

Interestingly, New York stood out from the national average with a higher approval rate of 34% and a more optimistic outlook on generative AI. In New York City, 60% of respondents believed that services such as those provided by motor vehicle departments and healthcare benefits could be significantly improved through the use of Generative AI.

Concerns about cybersecurity were also prevalent among participants, with 54% showing more apprehension about data breaches at government agencies compared to private companies. Furthermore, variations in opinion based on generational gaps were evident in the survey results. Generation Z and millennials appeared more satisfied with how technology was being utilized by government agencies compared to Generation X and baby boomers.

According to Lorna Stark, an executive at KPMG, embracing technologies like GenAI has transitioned from being optional to imperative for government agencies. Leveraging emerging technologies enables agencies to enhance transparency, streamline operations, and elevate engagement with constituents effectively. In an era defined by rapid change and increasing expectations from citizens, employing GenAI can serve as a cornerstone for delivering efficient and impactful public services.


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