Published on April 15, 2024, 7:23 am

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When it comes to technology, having a cluttered “hairball” of a tech stack can lead to inefficiencies and wasted resources, according to experts. Streamlining tech stacks through regular reviews and decluttering can lead to significant savings, as demonstrated by Citigroup retiring nearly 400 legacy apps in 2023 to simplify its technology infrastructure. This modernization effort allowed them to deliver new capabilities while reducing the burden of disjointed systems.

Managing director Karl Threadgold warns that having disparate and unintegrated systems can create obstacles, emphasizing the importance of establishing a single source of truth within an organization. To avoid one-time cleanouts, businesses are advised to continuously analyze their software applications and evaluate their usage patterns.

Even mid-market and smaller companies are urged by senior analyst Akshara Naik Lopez from Forrester to regularly reassess their software applications. Various events such as upcoming contract renewals provide opportunities for organizations to review and optimize their software portfolios.

In instances where growth necessitates a cleanup, companies like Fortified work with clients facing challenges with outdated legacy systems acquired through mergers or acquisitions. By evaluating dependencies on legacy platforms and aligning functions with critical objectives, organizations can make informed decisions on what systems stay, get updated, or need replacement.

Successful software transitions often involve engaging end users early in the process. Involving employees in the planning stages allows companies to address pain points effectively and garner excitement for upcoming changes rather than resistance. Collaborating with staff during budgeting for new software also ensures proper allocation of resources for change management support during transitions.

Looking ahead, executives need to monitor the advancements in generative AI while effectively managing IT spending and addressing tech talent gaps. Organizations should leverage built-in discounts offered by cloud service providers like AWS, as many fail to take full advantage of cost-saving opportunities.

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