Published on April 23, 2024, 7:24 am

SoftBank, a major player in the telecommunications industry, is making significant strides in the field of Artificial Intelligence by investing a substantial $960 million to bolster its computing capabilities by 2025. This investment is primarily aimed at enhancing the development of cutting-edge generative AI models, as reported by Nikkei Asia.

The company’s strategic move involves acquiring Nvidia GPUs to power up its infrastructure. SoftBank aims to construct a substantial language model boasting an impressive 390 billion parameters within this year. Following this milestone, SoftBank plans to delve into training a Japanese-language AI model that not only excels globally but also intends to set benchmarks with a state-of-the-art model containing over a trillion parameters slated for next year. This ambitious venture positions SoftBank as a frontrunner in processing power within Japan, extending access to other interested entities.

Moreover, as part of its comprehensive approach towards AI advancement, SoftBank is in the process of establishing one of Japan’s largest AI data centers in Hokkaido. This strategic move serves the dual purpose of introducing novel services while also ensuring compliance with governmental regulations on data sovereignty within the region.

In recent developments closely linked to these advancements, OpenAI has introduced a Japanese language-optimized variant of GPT-4 , thereby further enriching the landscape of AI offerings tailored specifically for a Japanese audience.


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