Published on July 2, 2024, 4:02 am

RTVE 2030 Project Celebrates First Anniversary with “Extraordinary” Data

The RTVE 2030 project marks its initial year with remarkable statistics: over 18,000 hours of television programs scrutinized to assess their alignment with the Agenda 2030. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the tool delves into the dedication of TVE’s news, shows, and documentaries to societal issues like poverty, health, and sustainable mobility.

Findings reveal that more than half (52%) of the analyzed content focuses on Agenda 2030 objectives. Noteworthy areas receiving substantial coverage include strong institutions, peace and justice (SDG 16; 3056 hours), education and culture (SDG 4; 1952 hours), and health (SDG 3; 1250 hours). Following closely are topics concerning sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11; 1186 hours), ecosystems and biodiversity (SDG 15; 1147 hours), and gender equality (SDG 5; 958 hours).

Since its inception a year ago, the collaboration between RTVE and Political Watch has flourished. The initiative has tripled its scope by including more headlines for analysis spanning from the UN’s approval of Agenda 2030 in 2015 to date. With a repertoire of over 70 programs totaling more than 24,500 episodes, encompassing national news editions as well as regional newscasts in Spanish, magazines such as ‘Mañaneros’ or ‘Aquí la Tierra,’ alongside numerous educational programs and documentaries.

The alliance is renewed for an additional two years to persist in analyzing public broadcast content. Through daily scrutiny of subtitles on RTVE Play using semantic technology founded on natural language processing. The latest update featuring word clouds conspicuously displays prevalent themes across each Sustainable Development Goal.

RTVE’s primary aim with the RTVE 2030 project is twofold: first, exhibiting the public service value of TV content while quantifying its social impact. Secondarily, it aims to raise awareness about Agenda 2030 challenges through engaging programming to enhance public understanding of Sustainable Development Goals integrated within everyday news topics. Furthermore, it serves as an accountability tool that quantifies RTVE’s contribution across all seventeen SDGs through innovative means.

In closing words: Irene Iglesias Álvarez serves as both Content Coordinator for CIO Spain and Writer for Computerworld Spain.


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