Published on May 8, 2024, 9:12 pm

Alex Gay, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Adobe Document Cloud, highlights the challenges faced by knowledge workers in today’s business landscape filled with overwhelming amounts of information. According to MIT Sloan, 80% of knowledge workers experience information overload, affecting productivity. Adobe’s Future of Digital Work survey reveals that knowledge workers waste nearly a full day each week searching for necessary information within documents like contracts and research reports.

The majority of data within these documents is unstructured, posing challenges for analysis and action. Generative AI emerges as a solution to enable knowledge workers to extract greater value from their documents and enhance productivity. However, deploying generative AI across organizations securely and compliantly presents difficulties for IT leaders.

In response to this need, Adobe introduces Acrobat AI Assistant for enterprise customers – a generative AI-powered conversational engine designed for quick and safe deployment. This tool aligns with companies’ existing governance processes as it operates only on provided documents while ensuring security and reliability by leveraging Adobe’s IP.

Adobe employees have embraced AI Assistant, witnessing accelerated workflows and discovering various use cases across departments. For instance:
1. Marketing professionals save time by consolidating information into different assets using clickable citations.
2. Sales teams generate personalized pitches swiftly by summarizing key insights from lengthy documents.
3. Finance departments utilize AI Assistant to provide timely recommendations through automated summaries.
4. Legal teams benefit from instant synopses of regulations generated by the AI system.
5. Research & development teams streamline industry trend analysis process enabling efficient sharing of insights among cross-functional teams.

Generative AI revolutionizes workflows across industries, empowering knowledge workers to do more impactful work efficiently. To explore more about Acrobat AI Assistant, visit the provided link.


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