Published on June 13, 2024, 11:07 am

Revolutionizing Software Development With Genai: The Breakthrough

A groundbreaking startup based in Paris and San Francisco is making waves by claiming to develop enterprise-grade software solely through generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) from natural language descriptions, significantly cutting development times by 80%. Shreds.AI, the company behind this venture, has ambitious goals of revolutionizing software development by automatically generating complete software solutions – from architecture to code – with minimal human input.

Founded by Soufiane Amar, Shreds.AI utilizes a unique approach called meta AI, which combines the strengths of multiple generative AI models to streamline the software engineering process. By accepting anything from general concepts to detailed specifications as input, the platform’s generative AI chatbot guides users through providing necessary details for optimal results. Subsequently, it creates architectural diagrams and microservices known as “shreds” based on these inputs.

In a demonstration of its capabilities, Shreds.AI plans to release the source code of a fully functional Java-based version of the WordPress content management system within hours, a task that traditionally required 91 person-years of development effort. Additionally, they aim to unveil a replica of the Magento e-commerce platform shortly after.

Acknowledging the importance of human validation in software development, Shreds.AI employs a testing process where generated code undergoes review by human developers before deployment. While boasting high accuracy rates between 90% – 95%, the company recognizes that human oversight remains crucial prior to implementation.

Currently undergoing beta testing at prominent organizations like Stellantis N.V. and Réseau de Transport d’Électricité Ltd., Shreds.AI aims to integrate its technology into mainstream development workflows for enhanced efficiency and speed. Customer feedback from beta testers is expected soon as the technology begins gaining traction in various industries.

Ultimately self-funded, Shreds.AI has outlined plans to secure Series A financing in the near future to support its innovative endeavors further. As the company continues to push boundaries in leveraging GenAI for software development, its impact on industry practices and efficiency remains an exciting area to monitor closely for advancements in artificial intelligence-driven solutions.


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