Published on June 4, 2024, 12:46 pm

True Fit, a leading AI-driven size-and-fit personalization tool, has been aiding thousands of retailers for the past two decades with its size recommendation solution. The company is now delving into the realm of generative AI by introducing “Fit Hub,” a novel tool designed to enhance the online shopping experience by assisting customers in finding clothing that suits their body type accurately.

Online shoppers frequently encounter challenges with sizing, resulting in a significant return rate for e-commerce at 17.6%. To mitigate this issue, customers often scrutinize product details meticulously, including size charts, descriptions, and reviews, to estimate how an item will fit. True Fit’s latest innovation aims to streamline this process by consolidating all essential information onto one platform. Fit Hub effectively merges data from various sources such as size charts, descriptions, customer feedback, and sales records to provide shoppers with precise recommendations.

The primary objective of Fit Hub is to simplify the shopping experience by offering quick access to comprehensive product information. By leveraging generative AI models like ChatGPT 4.0 and others and utilizing True Fit’s extensive “Fashion Genome” dataset derived from millions of shoppers and thousands of brands, the tool ensures efficient processing of real-time data.

Moreover, Fit Hub encourages users to create a personalized True Fit account by inputting their measurements for further customization. The platform also features “Fit Tips,” providing valuable fitting suggestions tailored to individual preferences.

True Fit’s collaboration with Shopify signifies a significant expansion in its services across businesses of all sizes, making its cutting-edge solutions more accessible than ever before. The company’s future plans include enhancing Fit Hub with additional filters like “Shopper Insights” and “Brand Sizing,” offering shoppers a holistic experience tailored to their unique needs.

In conclusion, True Fit’s foray into generative AI through Fit Hub marks a groundbreaking advancement in revolutionizing online shopping experiences. With innovative tools aimed at enhancing convenience and accuracy in size recommendations, True Fit continues to lead the way in leveraging Artificial Intelligence to cater effectively to consumer demands.


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