Published on December 6, 2023, 6:13 pm

AIOps, or Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, is revolutionizing the way businesses manage their digital services. In today’s modern enterprise, where digital services are crucial to both customer experience and internal operations, incorporating AI and machine learning into IT operations is essential.

With the increasing complexity of digital services and the constant acceleration of DevOps practices, traditional IT operations processes and tools are struggling to keep up. Take the example of an airline that develops a new app to enhance the customer experience. Initially, the app receives positive feedback, but soon enough, it becomes unreliable. Negative customer feedback ensues, and the blame game begins within the organization.

In situations like these, with numerous IT teams involved, finding the root cause of such issues can be akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. This is where AIOps comes into play as a comprehensive solution. By aggregating data from various monitoring tools and providing a unified view of service health, AIOps allows teams to quickly resolve issues before users even report them.

Using AI and ML algorithms, AIOps correlates different signals from multiple sources to minimize noise and identify the root cause efficiently. As a result, organizations can avoid time-consuming and costly meetings involving various IT teams or staffers.

Moreover, AIOps can take proactive measures by predicting potential issues or planning for significant business events in advance. This capability proves invaluable in preventing problems before they occur during critical moments such as Black Friday sales, annual enrollments, or market launches.

BMC Helix is a robust platform that empowers organizations to leverage AIOps effectively. It consolidates data from third-party tools seamlessly and provides easy integration capabilities as noted by The Forrester Wave™: Process-Centric AI For IT Operations (AIOps), Q2 2023 report. BMC Helix also enables automatic correlation of data from various sources to quickly highlight any impact on digital services.

Additionally, BMC Helix comes equipped with pre-trained AI models that significantly reduce noise and even offer predictive capabilities. This eliminates the need for organizations to build such solutions in-house, saving time and resources. It also alleviates the challenge of hiring highly skilled data scientists for long-term success.

To learn more about how BMC Helix can enable AIOps and observability for your organization, click here. Discover how AIOps can help you streamline IT operations, enhance service delivery, and ensure the smooth running of critical digital services in complex environments. With AIOps, IT teams can keep pace with DevOps practices without compromising service quality or efficiency. Embrace the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive better outcomes in your IT operations today.


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