Published on April 24, 2024, 5:37 am

Title: “Revolutionizing Data Center Cooling With Hpe’S Proliant Dl560 Gen11: A Cost-Effective And Efficient Solution”

Enterprises looking to alleviate the high costs associated with liquid cooling implementation in data centers now have an intriguing and cost-effective option to explore with HPE’s ProLiant DL560 Gen11. This innovative server is equipped with a closed-loop liquid cooling system, avoiding the need for expensive rack conversions by maintaining a self-contained 2U rack design.

The DL560 Gen11 boasts impressive features such as support for all Gen4 Xeon Scalable Platinum CPU models, including the powerful 60-core 8490H with a 350W TDP, and an expansive memory capacity of up to 16TB through its 64 DIMM slots. The server’s ability to accommodate quad Platinum CPUs and numerous DIMMs within a compact chassis showcases HPE’s engineering prowess.

With a focus on efficient cooling, each CPU pair is equipped with cold plates interconnected by pipes that lead to a full-width radiator in front of cooling fans. The liquid cooling system uses purified water, ethylene, and additives resistant to corrosion. Despite the absence of leak detection systems, redundant pumps ensure continuous coolant circulation even if one pump fails.

HPE’s attention to detail extends to management capabilities, highlighted by the iLO6 controller offering comprehensive monitoring features via a dedicated network port and web interface. Additionally, the integration with HPE’s OneView app facilitates centralized monitoring and management of various systems within an organization.

In terms of storage options, the DL560 Gen11 supports up to 24 SATA, SAS, NVMe devices or EDSFF E3.S SSDs. RAID configurations can be managed using Intel’s VROC controller or alternative PCIe cards like HPE’s tri-mode MR416i-p Gen11 card. Furthermore, the server provides expansion potential through multiple PCIe slots accommodating GPUs and RAID cards for enhanced performance.

The unique selling point of the ProLiant DL560 Gen11 lies in its closed-loop liquid cooling system which not only ensures optimal performance but also opens doors for diverse workloads. This advanced functionality is not limited to this model alone but extends to other servers in HPE’s lineup such as the DL325 Gen11 and DL360 Gen11.

Overall, HPE has crafted a robust solution tailored for organizations seeking high CPU core density, substantial memory capacity, efficient cooling mechanisms, and seamless management capabilities within constrained rack spaces. The DL560 Gen11 stands out as a versatile server designed to meet demanding computing requirements across various industries.

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace within the realm of artificial intelligence and generative AI applications are becoming more prevalent across industries worldwide. Businesses are constantly seeking cutting-edge solutions like HPE’s ProLiant DL560 Gen11 to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive digital landscape.


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