Published on May 24, 2024, 8:25 pm

After serving for 15 years as Nashville’s Chief Information Officer, Keith Durbin has officially retired from his role in the city government. Throughout his tenure starting in 2009, Durbin played a pivotal role in leading Nashville’s Information Technology Services department, shaping the city’s IT strategy across multiple mayoral administrations. Noteworthy achievements include the establishment of the city’s information security program back in 2010 and spearheading initiatives to transition city services to the cloud.

Durbin’s impactful contributions extended to important projects such as creating the city’s open data program, which proved instrumental in refining the HR department’s hiring processes by leveraging demographic data from employees and the community. His commitment to transparency was evident when he shared diversity statistics despite potential risks, emphasizing the importance of such disclosure.

Under his leadership, significant technological advancements took place including the development of Metro Public Wifi and the hubNashville/311 system aimed at enhancing resident services and accessibility to information. Durbin also actively participated as a board member of the Nashville Technology Council, championing initiatives like Connected Nashville’s smart city strategy that focused on implementing recommendations for a technologically advanced urban environment.

Moreover, Durbin’s legacy includes establishing support systems such as the Metro Employee Emergency Support Fund which provides crucial financial aid to Nashville city employees during challenging times. His dedication and innovative approach were recognized in 2023 with the StateScoop LocalSmart Award honoring him as City Executive of the Year for his exceptional leadership within state and local government technology realms.


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