Published on April 10, 2024, 5:18 pm

Stay informed with the latest developments in Generative AI and Artificial Intelligence through CIO Dive’s complimentary newsletter, delivered straight to your inbox. Recently, a prominent professional services firm has been making significant strides in the realm of technology innovation.

The firm is actively engaged in the development of cloud-based security, compliance, legal, and sustainability tools using Google’s advanced Vertex AI platform and Gemini models. In collaboration with Google Cloud, the company has revealed plans for a groundbreaking generative AI corporate tax solution. This innovative solution combines the firm’s expertise in global tax analytics with Google Cloud’s robust BigQuery enterprise data warehouse and Vertex AI model developer platform. Furthermore, it will seamlessly integrate with SAP’s S/4 HANA ERP system and various other enterprise applications.

As part of an expanding partnership focused on AI and cloud technologies, PwC is not only launching the cutting-edge tax solution but also working on developing solutions for legal, healthcare, as well as enterprise security, compliance, and sustainability areas utilizing Google’s Gemini models and Vertex AI platform. The joint efforts between PwC and Google Cloud aim to drive innovation in these fields.

PwC’s strategy revolves around enhancing internal capabilities while collaborating with model builders to create marketable enterprise solutions for clients. Through their alliance with Google Cloud, including a joint generative AI innovation hub established recently, both companies are poised to advance their agendas significantly.

Dallas Dolen, PwC US’ global Google alliance leader, highlighted the importance of democratizing access to these models within the organization during an interview with CIO Dive. Leveraging the Gemini model family has already streamlined complex processes within PwC’s legal and tax divisions by automating tasks such as contract analysis and compliance document reviews.

The company plans to offer its innovative tax solution either as a service or for integration into existing systems. Additionally, PwC intends to expand its AI solution portfolio with managed services focused on artificial intelligence.

While this partnership marks a pivotal moment in PwC’s journey into generative AI collaborations, it is not their first venture into such partnerships. Last year saw successful tests of internal natural-language tools based on ChatGPT technology named ChatPwC; meanwhile OpenAI collaborated on foundation models specifically designed for PwC’s tax and legal services unit.

Notably, Dolen emphasized the exponential growth of PwC’s expertise in Google Cloud technologies over recent years – expanding from 400 part-time practitioners two years ago to 1,800 certified professionals today.

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