Published on May 30, 2024, 6:18 am

Consulting firm PwC has recently announced its accelerated adoption of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in the United States and the United Kingdom through a collaboration agreement with OpenAI. By partnering with OpenAI, PwC has become the first distributor of ChatGPT Enterprise and the largest user of this product.

According to Bret Greenstein, PwC’s partner and generative AI leader, consultants at PwC are leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT Enterprise as a valuable tool in their work. This technology not only enhances productivity and streamlines tasks but also significantly contributes to overall efficiency.

It is noteworthy that the use of generative AI tools like ChatGPT Enterprise does not result in additional charges for clients. Instead, it aims to streamline operations, making consultants’ work easier and more effective without raising costs.

PwC has actively implemented generative AI with 950 out of its top 1,000 consulting clients in the U.S., engaging in discussions with many audit clients regarding the transformative power of this technology. The company aims to attract more supporters by showcasing its benefits.

A global CEO survey conducted by PwC revealed that 58% believe that generative AI will enhance their company’s products and services within the next year, while 70% anticipate significant changes in how they create, deliver, and capture value over the next three years due to this technology.

Industry experts like Jennifer Hamel from IDC acknowledge that PwC’s partnership with OpenAI positions them competitively among professional service firms striving for opportunities related to generative AI.

As Mark Tauschek from Info-Tech Research Group points out, major consulting firms are venturing into offering strategic consulting on generative AI implementation. The true value lies in expertise and experience in implementing private tenants of OpenAI within cloud platforms like Azure or AWS.

Greenstein emphasizes that client data will not be shared with OpenAI and that every AI-generated recommendation will undergo scrutiny by experienced consultants before reaching clients. Accountability, quality assurance, and a commitment to providing reliable advice and solutions are central pillars upheld by PwC leaders and consultants when utilizing generative AI technologies.

In conclusion, PwC’s strategic alignment with OpenAI underscores its dedication to harnessing advanced technologies responsibly while delivering innovative solutions tailored to meet client needs effectively and ethically.


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