Published on July 3, 2024, 11:15 am

As the landscape of music streaming apps and creation tools continues to evolve, Popster, a social music-sharing app, is rolling out two new features aimed at expanding its user base. These additions include an AI image generator for cover art and a collaboration capability that allows artists to remix one another’s songs.

Initially introduced as a platform for song creation and music videos, Popster enables artists to connect with fellow musicians, produce original songs and music videos, and promote them on social media channels. The app offers functionalities like direct video and voice recording within the platform, along with the option to embellish content with stickers and colorful backgrounds. Moreover, users can experiment with various vocal effects developed in-house while engaging with other artists through the community section.

Harnessing generative AI technology has become a focal point for Popster. This integration allows artists to explore lyric ideas and craft new beats for vocals. Particularly noteworthy is the “Add a beat” feature powered by OpenAI, offering users the ability to select different genres and vibes to create backtracks that singers can layer their vocals over. By leveraging Mubert’s library of royalty-free tracks for training models, Popster sets itself apart from other AI music applications by prioritizing originality and creativity.

The latest addition to Popster’s suite of generative AI tools is the “Albums” artwork generator also backed by OpenAI. Alongside video recording capabilities, artists can now input prompts to generate images suitable for overlay in short-form videos, adding a touch of sophistication to their content dissemination strategies.

In response to current industry trends popularized by platforms like TikTok, Popster introduces innovative features such as its own version of “Stitch” and “Duet” labeled as “Mashup,” empowering artists to collaborate seamlessly by remixing content side-by-side within the app.

Despite its nascent stage with only a few thousand users currently engaged, Popster’s recent enhancements hold promise in attracting a wider audience base. With approximately 10,000 original songs already created on the platform and users spending an average of 1.5 hours daily within the app, Popster seems poised for growth.

Founded by Themis Drakonakis and Sotiris Kaniras (CTO), Popster secured $280,000 from Realize Tech Fund with plans underway for additional funding rounds aimed at scaling operations. As they gear up towards introducing premium features and forging partnerships with music labels, the future looks promising for this innovative music-sharing application.

For those eager to explore these novel features firsthand or join the burgeoning community fostering creativity through technology, Popster awaits on both the App Store and Google Play Store – signaling an exciting chapter in redefining digital collaboration among aspiring musicians worldwide.


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