Published on April 9, 2024, 12:34 am

Photobucket’S New Venture: Licensing Image Repository For Ai Training

Back in the early days of the Internet, hosting images was a significant industry and it continues to be relevant even with numerous alternatives available. Photobucket, a key player during the inception of social media, now possesses around 13 billion images. Recent reports from Reuters unveil Photobucket’s realization of a fresh opportunity within their business model: licensing this vast image repository for training generative AI.

While confidentiality prevents disclosing specific parties interested in this archive, one can speculate that well-known entities are involved. The evolving market for such “private” content, like photos inaccessible through scraping due to public availability issues, is gaining attention. Besides photos, there’s a burgeoning demand for data overall, posing complex valuation challenges alongside ethical dilemmas.

Reuters underscores a competitive “gold rush” scenario among companies vying for supremacy in this potentially massive industry. Although generative AI shows promise for various applications, including food synthesis despite public reservations when its origin as AI is revealed; it doesn’t seem poised to supplant reality entirely. Should such an event occur, we will ensure you’re informed promptly.

Have you engaged with Photobucket previously? How do you feel about authorizing images for AI platforms? Share your opinions below in the comments section.

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