Published on April 11, 2024, 6:26 am

For Black IT professionals and students aiming for the C-suite, the road to success can be particularly challenging. Despite increased awareness of the disparities faced by Black IT leaders, only 3.7% of CIO positions in the US are held by Black individuals. To shed light on this issue and guide aspiring Black CIOs, Howard University’s Center for Digital Business organized a Tech Titans Talk panel featuring six trailblazing CIOs sharing their journeys and insights.

Among the panelists were prominent figures such as Derrick Pledger from Maximus, John Russell from Northrop Grumman, Venice Goodwine from the US Department of the Air Force and Space Force, La’nai Jones from the CIA, Glasford Hall from QinetiQ, and Nikki Allen from Boeing. These distinguished CIOs discussed various aspects of their roles, including essential skills for aspiring leaders and strategies to climb up the corporate ladder.

Nikki Allen emphasized the importance of being intentional about one’s career path after experiencing rapid promotions that led her to a role she disliked. She highlighted the significance of self-awareness and intentionality in shaping a successful career trajectory. Venice Goodwine stressed the value of asking questions early in one’s career to overcome barriers, while John Russell emphasized self-belief and taking calculated risks as crucial elements for success.

The panel underscored the significance of mentorship, sponsorship, and coaching in advancing one’s career. They emphasized that establishing meaningful relationships early on can pave the way for future opportunities and growth within an organization. Additionally, they highlighted the evolving role of CIOs as enablers of business outcomes rather than solely technical experts.

Leadership styles were also a focal point during the discussion. The panelists shared insights on empowering employees, fostering resilience, embracing diversity in team building, and advocating for underrepresented groups within organizations. They emphasized authenticity, empathy, and inclusivity as key traits for effective leadership in today’s dynamic work environment.

In conclusion, the Tech Titans Talk panel provided invaluable advice for aspiring Black IT professionals looking to ascend to executive leadership roles. By emphasizing self-awareness, intentional career planning, mentorship, and inclusive leadership practices, these trailblazing CIOs offered guidance tailored to help individuals navigate and excel in their tech careers amidst challenges and opportunities in today’s digital landscape.


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