Published on June 17, 2024, 7:01 pm

Oracle Unveils Apex Ai Assistant For Streamlined Low-Code Development

Oracle Enhances Application Express with Generative AI Assistant

Oracle has launched a new feature for its managed low-code application development platform, Application Express (APEX), in version 24.1. The latest update introduces the APEX AI Assistant powered by generative AI. This enhancement aims to streamline the development process for programmers utilizing Oracle’s database services across both on-premises and cloud infrastructure.

The APEX AI Assistant offers developers the ability to generate SQL code from natural language queries, provide explanations for existing code snippets, and suggest bug fixes that can seamlessly integrate into applications. This tool optimizes the workflow by enabling developers to access it directly within the page designer window while constructing various UI interfaces known as pages within APEX.

Unlike traditional manual coding practices, developers now have the option to leverage the APEX AI Assistant to assist in generating SQL code for configuring different parts of a page effortlessly. By inputting data query requirements through a natural language interface, developers can swiftly generate code with just one click, simplifying the development process significantly.

Furthermore, developers can utilize the assistant to gain insights into SQL code intricacies such as understanding differences between various join types. This resource is accessible not only during page building but also through the SQL Workshop submenu within APEX, offering continuous support for refining SQL queries and addressing coding errors efficiently.

Moreover, Oracle’s APEX provides flexibility by allowing developers to select from multiple large language models (LLMs) within a single application. Developers can easily switch between LLMs based on project requirements with a simple preference update within the application settings.

In addition to aiding in code generation, the APEX AI Assistant serves as a valuable resource for designing entire application blueprints with added features such as security measures, new page creation, and editing functionalities – all streamlined via a user-friendly natural language interface.

With enterprise adoption of low-code platforms predicted to exceed $18 billion by 2026 according to Omdia research firm, Oracle’s enhanced APEX offering positions itself as a competitive player in this rapidly growing market segment.

In conclusion, Oracle’s focus on providing innovative tools like the APEX AI Assistant showcases its commitment towards empowering developers to create efficient low-code applications seamlessly integrated with robust data management capabilities.


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