Published on November 17, 2023, 8:20 am

CIO Dive, an organization dedicated to keeping professionals in the technology industry informed, has released a framework aimed at promoting the proper application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This framework comes as major tech companies and retailers have increasingly turned to AI for various aspects of their operations.

In recent times, companies like Google Cloud, Amazon, eBay, and Walmart have incorporated AI into their practices. For example, Google Cloud introduced an AI-driven tool that allows retailers to track items on store shelves using images. They also have plans to release additional tools to help businesses streamline and digitize their operations.

E-commerce giants Amazon and eBay have utilized AI to help sellers generate product descriptions, while Walmart has implemented AI for associate operations, supply chain improvements, and shopper personalization features. In fact, Walmart even introduced a generative AI-powered tool called My Assistant which assists employees with tasks such as summarizing documents and aiding new hires in understanding employee benefits.

To ensure the appropriate use of AI in the retail industry, the National Retail Federation (NRF) is promoting guidelines that cover areas such as governance and risk management, customer engagement and trust, workforce applications and use, and business partner accountability. The NRF emphasizes the need for retailers to develop strong internal governance systems for AI tools, establish transparency around these tools with customers, provide ongoing oversight of AI applications impacting employees, and set clear guidelines for entities providing AI services.

Christian Beckner from the NRF Center for Digital Risk & Innovation states that retailers are using AI to enhance customer service, improve shopping experiences, and optimize operational efficiency. As such capabilities continue to expand across the retail industry, adherence to principles like those outlined by NRF becomes even more critical.

In light of this growing reliance on AI technology in various industries like retail, companies are now requiring technology executives to leverage generative AI. This task involves customizing strategies while ensuring necessary guardrails are in place.

With these advancements come changes within organizations as well. Remaining staff members are paying close attention to how departing workers are treated, which underscores the need for support as they carry on with their responsibilities.

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