Published on April 17, 2024, 11:11 am

NeuBird founders, Goutham Rao and Vinod Jayaraman, previously of PortWorx, made a significant impact in 2019 selling their cloud native storage solution to PureStorage for $370 million. Following this success, they embarked on a new journey last year – blending their expertise in cloud native technologies with the emerging field of generative AI. Their vision has now received a major boost with Neubird securing a $22 million investment from Mayfield to kickstart their innovative idea.

Rao, serving as the CEO, highlighted the growing complexity within the cloud native community due to an abundance of layers in system architecture. This complexity has led to challenges for engineers in identifying and resolving issues at scale within large organizations. To address this issue, NeuBird is harnessing large language models in a groundbreaking way to swiftly analyze vast amounts of data and accurately diagnose and resolve problems.

The core concept revolves around creating a reliable digital assistant for engineering teams – essentially a digital coworker that collaborates with SREs and IT Ops engineers by monitoring alerts and logs for potential issues. By leveraging generative AI technology, NeuBird aims to significantly reduce response times during incidents from hours to mere minutes.

Understanding the inherent limitations of large language models, the founders are meticulous in training these models with limited datasets while implementing systems to enhance response accuracy. By streamlining access for customers to their cloud systems without data transfers, NeuBird can effectively cross-reference information for precise solutions.

Moreover, NeuBird employs various cutting-edge models such as Llama 2 for log and metric analysis alongside Mistral for diverse analytical tasks. Every natural language interaction is transformed into a structured SQL query – turning unstructured data into refined information for enhanced precision.

Currently collaborating with design partners and refining their product roadmap, NeuBird anticipates launching its revolutionary product later this year. The decision to secure substantial initial funding allows the team ample room to focus on problem-solving without immediate financial concerns. This strategic approach underscores NeuBird’s dedication towards pioneering advancements in combining cloud native technologies with generative AI for streamlined IT operations.


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