Published on May 9, 2024, 8:18 pm

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The rise of Shadow IT is gaining momentum as employees, dealing with burnout and heavy workloads, seek out their own AI solutions, as per insights from Microsoft and LinkedIn. Managing Shadow IT has been an enduring challenge for Chief Information Officers (CIOs), but the risks have heightened with the proliferation of AI tools. The absence of proper guidance and robust guardrails within organizations can lead to the exposure of crucial data, intellectual property breaches, legal complications, or copyright infringements. As ungoverned AI systems continue to evolve, they create more entry points for malicious actors to exploit.

CIOs and IT teams bear the responsibility of establishing secure frameworks for employees who opt for AI support. A survey by Info-Tech Research Group highlighted that CIOs are most commonly tasked with overseeing AI governance in companies investing in generative AI technologies. Successful implementation involves effective communication with employees regarding best practices and guidelines.

CEO Tim Cook revealed that while Apple is internally utilizing this technology, public-facing updates will be unveiled later in the year. Recent acquisitions by industry giants like IBM, Cisco, and SAP signify a growing trend where IT leaders are streamlining their expenditures around key vendors.

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