Published on April 5, 2024, 5:14 pm

Generative AI technology is increasingly becoming a focal point for IT departments, with a growing demand for AI-related projects. However, research indicates that a vast majority of IT organizations struggle to meet this demand effectively. C-suite executives are identified as the primary influencers advocating for prompt implementation of generative AI, surpassing other stakeholders in their urgency.

IT professionals face challenges as nearly three-fifths believe that business stakeholders have unrealistic expectations regarding the speed and adaptability of new technology implementations. Moreover, 88% of IT professionals express their inability to accommodate the overwhelming volume of AI-related requests they receive.

The integration of AI solutions is not confined to large corporations; small businesses are also embracing the adoption of AI technologies. As businesses expand, so do the technical obstacles related to integration and data management, hindering swift deployment of AI initiatives. An overwhelming 90% of IT leaders find it challenging to harmonize AI with existing systems.

Aside from IT concerns, there is a significant impetus on businesses to establish new policies governing employee utilization of generative AI solutions. Human Resources departments are now at the forefront of defining company policies pertaining to AI usage.

In a global study conducted by Valoir involving over 150 HR executives worldwide from diverse industries and company sizes, key findings emerged regarding potential risks associated with AI in HR functions. These risks stem from issues such as lack of trust, potential bias in recommendations, data compromises, and ethical implications.

Valoir’s research underscores the increasing adoption of AI in HR practices, particularly in recruitment, talent management, and training. Surprisingly, only a minority of organizations have established policies or training programs relating to generative AI.

For effective and ethical utilization of generative AI in HR functions, Valoir recommends selecting trustworthy vendors and implementing robust policies and training programs for HR personnel and employees. Communication strategies within HR teams and across the organization are pivotal for successful integration.

Looking ahead, 2024 marks the shift towards widespread adoption of generative AI technologies across various sectors. In this transformative landscape, HR departments play a pivotal role in ensuring responsible and fruitful integration of AI into business operations while upholding trust as a fundamental value.


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