Published on February 21, 2024, 8:12 am

Stay informed about the latest trends in the tech world with CIO Dive’s free newsletter that lands straight in your inbox. According to data from Juniper Networks, tech leaders are expressing concerns about the limitations of generative AI and how it might impact employees as there is increasing pressure to implement this technology.

Generative AI is rapidly gaining traction in enterprises, leading to potential disruptions in employee workflows, for better or for worse. While businesses are enticed by the idea of enhanced productivity and seamless user experiences, it is crucial for tech leaders to emphasize the significance of understanding and managing risks associated with AI deployment.

One major issue with many generative AI tools is their reliance on internet data for training, which can have its downsides. Although these tools have access to a vast array of information across various topics, the quality of this information may not always be reliable. Business leaders need to be vigilant in identifying these risks for employees and providing them with proper training on how to navigate using generative AI effectively.

In addition to fact-checking, organizations can enhance the accuracy of generated responses by training these tools on internal data. Juniper Networks exemplifies this practice. Furthermore, companies acknowledge that the performance of generative AI solutions can evolve over time. By utilizing monitoring tools, CIOs can gauge whether a tool’s precision is deteriorating and prompt interventions if necessary.

Tech companies are increasingly mandating technology executives to leverage generative AI efficiently, requiring customized strategies and robust guardrails to mitigate risks effectively. It is crucial to understand that not all billion-dollar investments in technology equate equally when addressing technical debt issues.

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