Published on June 3, 2024, 11:22 am

Microsoft is making substantial investments in cloud and artificial intelligence infrastructure in Sweden, totaling $3.2 billion over two years. This investment aims to meet the increasing demand for generative AI technology. The company plans to deploy up to 20,000 Nvidia graphics processors, along with AMD processors and potentially its own chips, in its data centers.

In addition to enhancing its technological capabilities, Microsoft also has plans to contribute to the local community by training 250,000 Swedes in AI skills and investing in renewable energy initiatives. President Brad Smith has announced further investments scheduled for this fall.

This investment in Sweden is part of Microsoft’s larger strategy, which includes multi-billion dollar investments in countries such as Germany, Spain, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the U.S., amounting to over $15 billion. These initiatives underline Microsoft’s commitment to innovation and sustainability while expanding its presence in the field of artificial intelligence and cloud computing.


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